Music has always been a gigantic part of my life. I’ve dj’d, hosted and emceed events for over 20 years. From concerts to house parties, radio shows to mixtapes, my goal has always been simple; ensure the soundtrack I’m creating allows my audience to have the time of their lives. I play and explore just about all genres of music and try not to pigeonhole myself to any specific category.

Come check me out sometime. I am also available for private functions, corporate events, weddings and SPECIAL PROJECTS.


Hotel Vermont is the first of it's kind in Vermont. I was brought on as the hotel's Music Director and Resident DJ at Juniper Bar. I was also tasked with curating the entire hotel musical experience. My music programming playlists can be heard throughout the hotel 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. The approach is simple, select a vast array of music that best represents the hotel’s spirit by the season and time of day. It covers songs you may know and songs you are to discover. Ultimately creating the soundtrack to the guest experience.

In this role I was also responsible for booking other DJ’s and acts. From local singer/ songwriters to internationally acclaimed rockers.
Stay Awesome.